HD Audio Streaming
  1. Easy web-based stream configuration

  2. Live broadcasting or AutoDJ support with powerful playlist scheduler

  3. Drag-and-drop AJAX media library

  4. Comprehensive statistics and royalty reports

  5. Automatic stream monitoring/restarting

  6. Feature-rich, automatic station home pages

  7. Much, much more

Providing the world with SD/HD  ShoutCast and IceCast audio streaming, in mere minutes...no fancy website, just great audio services...

Streaming Services
Hear Our Clients...
RTDS - RadioThatDoesntSuck.comhttp://www.rtds.ca
LTD Radio - The Power of Positivehttp://ltdradio.com
Why Choose Us...

LCC Net Radio

  1. Stream bit rates from 32 k to 192 k

  2. 10 to 10,000 listener slots

  3. PayPal billing, setup in minutes!

  4. Streams monitored 24/7

  5. Low cost/High quality

  6. IceCast & ShoutCast streams

  7. Much, much more

Ready to Order?

Send us an email to get the ball rolling!  We’ll get back to you to discuss bit rate, listener slots, and arrange payment, then sit back and within minutes you’ll be up and running!